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Roasted_Norwegian_Skrei_w_Fennel_and_Sour_Cream_Sauce.jpgCurrently, 38% of U.S seafood consumers agree that origin matters, especially when it comes to the quality of the products they are purchasing1. One of consumers’ most trusted sources for seafood is Norway.

Worldwide preference for purchasing Norwegian fish/seafood instead of other fish/species rose from 47% to 50% in 20152. Consumers believe that the cold, less-polluted waters and climate of Norway lead to better-tasting seafood.

Drive check averages by letting your customers know that you serve premium seafood from the cold, clear waters of Norway. The Norwegian Seafood Council is here to lend foodservice support to drive sales—whether it’s back-of-house training to educate your staff on premium Norwegian Seafood or front-of-house materials to proudly call attention to the origin of the seafood you are serving.

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